Day Of Surgery

Wear comfortable clothes
2 Do not wear any perfume or scented products to the laser suite on day of treatment.
Come with a relative or friend, as you will not be able to drive yourself home from surgery.
The area around your eyes will be cleansed by one of our staff members.
Drops will be instilled to numb the surface of your eyes.

You will be escorted into the laser suite and you will be asked to lie down on our comfortable state of the art laser chair.

You will have anaesthetic drops put into your eyes before you are positioned under the laser microscope. Before treatment starts you will be familiarised with all the sounds of the laser suite to put you at ease. You will be asked to focus and fix your gaze onto the red flashing light as you look up into the laser microscope.

The laser is in contact with your eye for less than a minute and you will not feel any pain. After treatment you will have a clear plastic shield on your eye or a bandage contact lens. You will be given sunglasses in your surgical pack, as you might be a little sensitive to the sunlight on your journey home.

You must not drive yourself home; it is best to arrange for someone to take you home. You will probably feel most comfortable if you go home and rest or sleep.

Your will need to return the next day for a postoperative check and further appointments will be scheduled for one week, one month and one year.