Possible Side Effects

Postoperative Complications:
Under correction or over correction: Often the eye initially over corrects and regresses over the first few weeks of the healing process. It is less common with LASIK treatment. The results will be assessed once the eye is stable and a retreatment to enhance the results may be needed.
Corneal Haze:
There is little chance of experiencing haze with LASIK procedures. Haze uncommonly occurs with LASEK or PRK procedures and settles after three to six months. The haze is usually not detectable by the patient, but will be detected when examined with the microscope at your postoperative visits.
2 Haloes and Glare:
Sensitivity to glare, especially at night, and haloes around light sources may occur in the first week after the treatment. These problems usually resolve without any intervention. Wearing sunglasses in the postoperative period is advised.
5 Dry Eyes:
All patients will need to use lubricating drops for at least the first three months after their laser treatment or longer if required.
Postoperative Pain:
There is a minimal chance of experiencing pain or discomfort postoperatively. The surface treatments such as LASEK may have pain for the first few days postoperatively, this can be avoided with tablets such as panadeine forte or the like.