Recovery Information

A major benefit of LASIK surgery is that you recover the very next day with very little discomfort.

Dr English will make appointments with you for a series of post-procedure checkups. The first is one day after surgery; then one week later, one month later and - if needed - at three months.
There is no separate charge for these appointments.

We encourage you to go home or to your accommodation and close
your eyes or sleep for about 4 hrs.
Please be wary of babies' and small children's prying fingers.
Please use your eye shields provided in your post operative care kit, for the first three days when going to bed
Please do not drive for at least the first 12 hours or so as you have had medication and surgery.
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  Next morning we ask that you remove the shields and put in the post operative eye drops you have been given in your post operative care kit. You will find it best to wear the sunglasses you are provided. Please do not rub or wash your eyes.  

Please do not wear any makeup for one week and in addition, do not swim for at least two weeks or participate in contact sports over the next four weeks