The Treatment In Focus

There are three simple stages to
successful laser eye surgery.


The first time we meet, we'll perform a free, no obligation scan of your eyes. Our iLasik System WaveScan laser will create a digital 3D map of your eyes, and show up any irregularities or imperfections. It's 25 times more accurate than any method an optician would normally use to check your eyesight.

We will also scan your eyes using the Galilei Corneal Scanner for further, in-depth anaylsis. Using this incredibly detailed information, we can then advise you if laser eye surgery is right for you - and how you can expect it to correct defects in your eyes.

The WaveScan map is your eye's unique 'fingerprint' - and allows Dr English to design a treatment that is individually tailored for each eye to correct your vision.


Dr English will explain every aspect of the LASIK procedure to you before starting surgery. An Intralase femtosecond computer-controlled laser creates a flap for your Lasik procedure. This flap is gently lifted.

Then the VISX Eximer laser is used to reshape your cornea and correct your vision. The laser's iris recognition tracking system follows your eye's movements during the entire procedure allowing Dr English to achieve a remarkable level of surgical precision. The tissue flap is then replaced. It quickly readheres to the cornea and begins to heal. The whole painless procedure take no more than twenty minutes.

You'll visit the clinic for check ups; one day, one week and one month after your surgery to ensure optimal results.


Many people notice an immediate improvement in their vision. The beauty of LASIK surgery is that it allows for next day recovery. So, in a few days, the only sign of surgery will be your 20/20 vision.

You'll visit the clinic for check-ups a day, two weeks and a month after your surgery to make sure of optimal results.

All the above stages and checks are included in the cost of surgery.