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Ernie B. 40

I have been wearing glasses since Primary School (I'm 40 now) and I can't thank Michael, Sally and everybody at Clear Vision Laser Clinic enough for giving me such freedom.

They provided such a professional, yet relaxed and friendly environment that any worries I initially had were quickly forgotten. The procedure itself was over so quick (and completely pain free) that it was hard to believe that it actually had occurred!

I can now do all the things I want (play golf, go swimming or jet skiing) without giving it a second thought. I am absolutely thrilled with my results and haven't stopped singing their praises to all my friends, I just wish I had done it years ago!

I thoroughly recommend Clear Vision Laser Clinic to anyone who is considering this procedure.


Ernie B. 40

Troy, 31

Lee L

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Brenton, 23

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Nadia, 39