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Rossana P

Since mid teens I have been subjected to wearing spectacles and at a later stage in life, contact lenses. However as I progressed with wearing contact lenses I became contact lens intolerant and was again subjected to wearing spectacles.

Going through life having to continually put on and take off spectacles was becoming an absolute nightmare, particularly with regard to playing sports going swimming and waking up at night. I visited a game park in South Africa in November 2005 and became very frustrated with constant cleaning of my glasses and on numerous occasions missed out on seeing animals that everyone else had seen. I knew a decision had to be made.

I then heard about you, Dr English, and the chance of giving me the choice of "freedom from spectacles" if I decided to have Laser Correction Surgery. Well the choice was made and I visited your clinic to find out if I was indeed a suitable candidate for laser surgery. Much to my relief you and your wonderful staff informed me that I was perfect for Laser Surgery.

Needless to say I was very apprehensive about the procedure on the day ,but again your excellent team and their continuous care was most reassuring on the day. My theatre experience was nothing short of wonderful, I anticipated much pain but was pleasantly surprised to feel NO pain. It was amazing, all over in a matter of half an hour. After surgery I was reassured and a few post op tests were completed and it was time to go.

Then an amazing thing happened when I got to the car. I could read the number plates without my spectacles - I felt like I had just gone through a miracle. I could see !!!

Since then my life has completely changed, I am no longer spectacle dependent, I can see at night, I do not have to worry when I play sport or go swimming and most of all I look in the mirror and see a new me. I absolutely love my new look and confidence. Thank you Dr English and the wonderful team at The Clear Vision Laser Clinic.


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Rossana P


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